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IntelliJet International is an aircraft sales and brokerage company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. IntelliJet offers a full range of aviation consulting services, focusing primarily on mid-size and large-cabin aircraft. IntelliJet specializes in the sale and acquisition of corporate jet and turboprop aircraft, many of which are not widely known to the general market. The IntelliJet team is also well versed in aircraft charter and management, maintenance, paint and interior modifications, aviation finance, and the importation of foreign aircraft. IntelliJet team members often utilize their extensive worldwide network of aviation professionals to the benefit of their clientele.

IntelliJet Sales


First and foremost, IntelliJet’s approach to marketing is aggressive. At IntelliJet, we are not interested in simply advertising your aircraft. Our immediate goal is to sell it – and quickly. Moreover, we are not embarrassed to admit that we are financially motivated. We don’t get paid unless and until we sell your aircraft, so we have a vested interest in achieving positive results.

Most aircraft brokerages employ the old fashioned method of mass marketing an aircraft and then patiently waiting for prospective buyers to call them. We do not believe in waiting for buyers to come to us. We aggressively seek them out, leaving nothing to chance. Our research department is comprised of dedicated market analysts, each one networking daily with aircraft owners, management companies and charter operators. This ‘market research’ helps us to identify prospects even before they begin to search for an aircraft. In short, it is quite possible that we are already in touch with the ultimate buyer of your aircraft.

IntelliJet’s creativity is what sets us apart from other aviation brokerages. Everything we do is with one goal in mind – to sell your aircraft in the shortest possible timeframe and for the best price attainable. One of the most effective techniques we utilize to help us attain this goal is to create exclusivity as it pertains to your aircraft.

IntelliJet’s Private Reserve (the psychology of exclusivity): Everyone wants something that not just anyone can get. You know how it feels to be offered something that is reserved for special people – such as when a bartender offers you the fine brandy or rare scotch he keeps under the counter – reserved for his elite clientele. We create the same kind of feeling about your aircraft for prospective buyers.

IntelliJet’s marketing philosophy is a complete departure from that of just about every other major aircraft brokerage in the industry. We have perfected an approach that is as effective as it is different from standard marketing methods. Our off-market approach to aircraft sales maximizes exposure of your jet to well qualified buyers, and simultaneously minimizes overexposure to the marketplace.

There are many good reasons to keep an aircraft off-market, the most basic of which is to maintain the owner’s confidentiality. One of the most important reasons is to prevent market saturation. When too many aircraft become available for sale and visible to the general public, it can have an adverse affect on market values.

It can be easy for buyers to overlook an aircraft when it is only one of many that are for sale on the open market. This is especially true in a declining market. However, most buyers never even hear whispers about an off-market, but available, aircraft. The perceived inaccessibility of such jets generally makes them highly sought after – whether the current market is rising, declining, or stable.

IntelliJet has built a reputation as the foremost expert on selling off-market aircraft. Over the years we have developed an extensive, international network of aviation professionals that is a key element in helping us place our inventory of off-market aircraft with well-qualified buyers from every corner of the world.

IntelliJet Acquisitions


The best deals rarely see the light of day. They often transact before most buyers even know that an aircraft has become available for purchase. The team at IntelliJet International not only understands this concept, they thrive on it.

By the time an aircraft makes it to the pages of a magazine, well-connected buyers have already found out about it. If it is a good value, the aircraft may already be sold before the first ad has even been published.

Because of our continuing market research and daily communications with aviation specialists worldwide, we always have access to a large number of available aircraft that are unknown to the market.

If you are looking to acquire a particular aircraft type, we will provide an extensive analysis and comparison of all currently available aircraft of that model, whether on the market or quietly available. Finding the right jet for your needs, at the right price, is our specialty.

IntelliJet Logistics


Aviation markets are constantly in a state of flux. Whether you are interested in acquiring a new aircraft or selling your current one, a detailed market analysis by a competent professional is vital. Utilizing our many years of experience and analysis techniques, We will provide you with our proprietary Market Intelligence Report to precisely show you with hard data where your aircraft ranks in the marketplace and why. An accurate market analysis is critical to ensuring a successful transaction.


Accurately determining the value of your aircraft can make the difference between a swift transaction and a case of market rash. The IntelliJet team studies all of the factors required to determine the value of your asset. Our approach to determining what a particular aircraft is worth employs a mathematical analysis comparing the target aircraft to all currently available aircraft and recently sold aircraft. We focus on the details that truly influence market value. The result is an unbiased, accurate representation of your aircraft’s value.


Whether you are acquiring a pre-owned aircraft or preparing to sell one, the subject aircraft’s cosmetic condition and mod status is of major importance. The IntelliJet team has a strong background (and extensive contacts) in the world of aircraft maintenance, avionics upgrades, and interior/exterior modification and refurbishment. This value added service provided by IntelliJet can pay big dividends to you in the form of capital saved.


The IntelliJet team has a wealth of experience in the importing and exporting of aircraft worldwide. Each country’s civil aviation authority has its own unique set of rules and regulations. If a mistake is made, you could actually purchase an aircraft only to end up not being able to fly it due to certification problems.

We work closely with each country’s aviation authority to ensure the importation is done correctly.

Whether you are buying a new aircraft or selling your current one, you will benefit from the worldwide relationships we have built over the years...this is the IntelliJet difference.


IntelliJet’s global network of aviation professionals includes a wide array of charter and aircraft management companies that cater to the various needs of aircraft owners. Should you place your aircraft on a charter certificate? What style of management contract suits you? We can help answer these questions and refer you to a trusted professional that best fits your situation.


If Your Aircraft Could Talk . . .

What Would It Say?

Organizations that utilize corporate aircraft for their day-to-day operations do so with the hope that they will save them time and money, offering a more streamlined and safer way to travel. The team at Aerosight recognized that these goals were often not being met, and in 2016 they designed and built a Flight Data Management (FDM) solution that was comprehensive, customizable, and user friendly.

Aerosight’s experienced staff of aviation professionals, safety experts and software engineers have over 20 years of experience with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools in various industries and solid experience in the global aviation industry. Working together with flight operators, their FDM brings adaptable reporting solutions to flight departments wishing to seamlessly fill the void between raw data processing and in-depth flight analysis.

The Aerosight FDM solution lowers the time it takes to upload flight data, making it more accessible and applicable to the needs of individual flight departments. Many times, aircraft operators utilize several FDR formats, each taking 30 minutes or more to upload and review. Aerosight’s system ends the need for this practice. It is comprised of one, easy-to-use system that automatically reviews a single leg in five minutes or less. Easy-to-read, customizable reports can then be generated quickly to identify exceedances in order to correct them, saving your operation valuable time and money.

Reporting becomes much easier with our software technology which includes powerful exceedance detection with adjustments to identification levels, allowing operators to enjoy successful EASA and IOSA safety audits. Training is much more efficient and effective when pilots can see, in point-of-time, 3D data where occurrences take place. And safety, everyone’s number one goal, becomes much easier to accomplish when lapses are identified and corrected.

In 2020, the leadership of Aerosight selected IntelliJet International as its exclusive representative for the North American marketplace. With nearly 25 years of business aviation experience, the IntelliJet team is excited to bring this valuable and much-needed flight data monitoring solution to the North American aviation community.

For additional, detailed, information on each facet of the Aerosight FDM solution, please click here.


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2016 Gulfstream G650ER

  • 4-Zone Interior
  • Ultra-High-End Completion 
  • Swift Broadband High-Speed Data
  • Lightning Sensor System
  • Wx Radar Predictive Windshear
  • 55” Widescreen HD LCD Monitor in Zone 4
  • Aviation Clean Air System (ACA) 

2011 Global XRS


  • Low Hours and Cycles
  • 14-Passenger / Forward Galley Configuration
  • Crew Rest Compartment
  • Batch 3 Upgrade
  • Head-Up Flight Display (HUD)
  • FANS-1/A ~ ADS-B Out ~ CPDLC
  • High-Speed Data / Wi-Fi
  • Enrolled on Smart Parts & CorporateCare


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Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G280


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